H. M. King Roman 

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Welcome to the official website of His Imperial Majesty King Roman the First, Royal Sovereign of the Kingdom Europa, Grand Duke Lithuania, Count Lubraniec Dambski, et altera - Monarch in Exile. He is the Crown, Corporation Sole, and Fount of Honour.


"A monarchy in exile has legal rights, supported in International Law, to exist & to continue to conduct business of the monarchy as though still in power"

King Roman has been Grand Duke Lithuania since 1967 and under patent from 1993, crowned king at Darwin in May 2005. As of 13 June 2014, the Kingdom of East Europe became the Kingdom Europa by Royal Proclamation. The Kingdom Europa includes the Grand Duchy Lithuania, with Belarus, Ukraine (including Crimea, ceded to Ukraine by Kruschev in the 1950s), Moldova (including Transnistria), Latvia (Courland /Livonia), and Kaliningrad. King Roman offers other East European nations an open invitation to federate or unite with Europa. (Flag of Europa to right.)

By the legal premise that "silence signifies assent" the several  governments of Lithuania  and later the Lithuanian Nobility Society have continued to accept and recognize the Royal Rank and Sovereign Status of Grand Duke Roman II without demur, since he was patented in 1993.

HIM King Roman, Royal Sovereign of Europa, Grand Duke Lithuania, was born at 23 Eildon  Street, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland, on 7th March 1942 during World War II - biological son   of Grand Prince Roman Emil, Count of Lubraniec Dambski (Boryslaw 02 Jul 1901 - 22 Nov 1967 Gliwice, carried in procession to Brama IV Warsaw in 1988), and Katherine Mann (Linlithgow 21 Nov 1913 - 08 Feb 2011 Torquay) - (Prince) Ronald Victor Charles.

Katherine Mann's father was George Alphonse Henri Waersegers (Brussels 1857-1932 Linlithgow), her mother Henriette Josephine Joanna Sambler (Amsterdam 1867-1943 Linlithgow), who was descended from Sir Anthony van Dyck who was court painter to King James I & VI, who united the Scottish and English thrones, and his ill-fated successor King Charles I.

On 13 November 1927, in a civil ceremony at Lwow, Count Roman Dambski of Lubraniec married Princess Paulina Irma Gedroyc (Mostyska 30 Mar 1905 - 04 Feb 1993 Warsaw), first child and heiress of Prince Wladislaw Ignacy Marek Gedroyc (1862-1943 Zubracze), and who became Paulina Dambska.

During World War II, Lieutenant Roman Dambski I of Lubraniec resided at 45 Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh, Scotland, from 1940, when he was posted there with Polish Corps 7 Rifles. As a qualified chemical engineer, he worked at the Paderewski Hospital which was attached to Edinburgh University, and he did returned to Poland in 1947 after it was discovered in 1946 that King Roman's stepmother Princess Paulina Dambska had survived the war after having been officially declared dead in 1940.

Prince Roman I fathered two children by Katherine Mann, namely Ronald Victor Charles (now King Roman) in 1942, and (Princess) Christine Elizabeth Catherine in 1945, and inherited / succeeded as Grand Prince/Grand Duke of Lithuania in 1943 on the death of Grand Prince Wladislaw.

King Roman is an awarded humanitarian and charity founder. He has resided in Darwin, Australia, with his Filipino wife, since 1975. His Imperial Majesty King Roman I, Royal Sovereign of Europa and of Lithuania is formerly of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Reserve, now Royal Marshal of Royal Europa Defence. He is a patented inventor and published writer, and he enjoys annual sea cruises since 2008.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman is Royal Sovereign of Europa (East Europe), Grand Duke Lithuania since 1967 and by Letters Patent since 12 February 1993, as well as Count Lubraniec Dambski. Around 30 other titles accrue, legally determined and uncontested (see below).

Like King William I of England who reigned from France, and King George I of Great Britain who reigned from Germany, and left the running of their kingdoms to parliament, His Imperial Majesty King Roman currently reigns from Darwin, Australia, and chooses to leave the running of his Realm to respective civil parliaments.

                       "The good of the people is the highest law" - Cicero

King Roman seeks a wealthy companion who truly wants to help him achieve his goals, like building Moonship Phoenix to make space travel safe for everyone.

Royal Flag of the Kingdom of Europa 

His Imperial Majesty King Roman I 

His Imperial Coat of Arms 

The Royal Arms of His Imperial Majesty King Roman, show the Dambski arms in the 1st quarter of the shield, the ancient arms (Vytis) of Lithuania in the 2nd and      3rd, and the Gedroyc arms in the 4th, supported by Griffon and Unicorn.

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        Residence: 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia                    Mail: PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia                    Phone: 61 8 8948 1123 

Pss Edith, Lady Fele, Cr. Pss Shirley, King Roman 

Katherine, Dutch mother above, and with King Roman and sister Christine, and dog Peter

Grand Prince Roman I, Count Lubraniec Dambski 

    Boy Prince Roman, mother Katherine 

Polish King Augustus III document to Count Kazimierz Lubraniec Dambski 1748 

Road into Lubraniec with Dambski Arms 

Procession Vilnius Town Hall from Cathedral 23 April 1992 

Senate of the LBKS elected 23 April 1992