King Roman Real Titles

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His Imperial Majesty is one of only two Imperial Kings (Emperors) on Earth. In or around July 2014, His Imperial Majesty King Roman Imperial Majesty King Roman I, Imperial King (Emperor) of Europa and Grand Duke of Lithuania, advised the Secretary-General of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) of his rightful inheritance, genealogical and legal, and his Royal Sovereignty of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and Latvia (Courland-Livonia). 

His Majesty King Roman offers real titles, royal and noble, to raise funds for Royal Projects (see below).

King Roman grants of real territorial titles of Royalty and Nobility are by letters patent on A3 parchment-style, King/Queen on A2.

These royal and noble territorial titles constitute a family legacy for the donor, and pass from generation to generation.

Should you wish to help His Majesty's causes, as well as to receive a real noble or royal territorial title as well, then read on.

A real territorial title from King Roman makes you a genuine member of the East European aristocracy, with all the dignities, rights and precedences this entails.

Your family will share in the blessings and benefits and inherit your legacy.

King Roman can accomplish these things for you because he is an imperial king, with a long list of legal accrual of royal titles that belong to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and thus to him personally as Lithuania's Royal Sovereign.

Donations for desired titles are used support his kingship in exile and further his royal causes, including full recognition of his legitimacy as King of Europa and Grand Duke of Lithuania etcetera, building and maintenance of his Castle/Palace long overdue, construction of his saucer-style spaceship (google Moonship Phoenix for info), helping our poor starving brothers and sisters of the world, and filming his books The Last Symbol, Moon Shock, and The Casebook of Sir Sherlock Holmes

Minimum donations for real royal and noble titles are shown below, and donors become automatic members of His Imperial Majesty's Royal Court:   

1.     Baronet/Baronette PLUS Knighthood (Sir/Dame)                $15T

2.     Baron/Baroness PLUS Barony                                                          $35T

3.     Count/Countess PLUS County                                                              $75T

4.     Duke/Duchess PLUS Duchy                                                                     $150T

5.          Prince/Princess PLUS Principality                                                     $250T

6.          Grand Duke/Duchess PLUS Grand Duchy                                    $500T

7.          King/Queen PLUS Kingdom, includes multiple titles                $1.5M

You may upgrade your title ONCE at any time by donating the difference, and keep your former title as well!

Letters patent are on A3 parchment-style, except for King/Queen which are on A2.

* You may indicate to which cause you would prefer your donation to apply, and also in which area of the Kingdom you would prefer your territory to be. 

You may also request a FREE Coat of Arms

Royals and Nobles and Knights of the Kingdom are Honorary Ambassadors of His Majesty and may also request a FREE Diplomatic Passport



Payment of your donation should be made by cheque/bank cheque as appropriate to King Roman, PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia. 

If you have any questions, please ask. All genuine inquiries are welcomed


Donations for Baronet/Baronette with Knighthood only may be securely made below through PayPal

Generic Grants of Noble Title

Grants of Noble title are real titles provided by letters patent, on A3 parchment-style, from the same real King Roman

Generic Titles available, plus minimal donation, are:

Knight (Sir/Lady) - $1000

Baronet/Baronette - $2000

Baron/Baroness            - $3000

Viscount/Viscountess - $4000

Count/Countess            - $5000

Marquis/Marquise - $6000

Duke/Duchess         - $7000

                                        Prince/Princess    - $10,000

You may upgrade your title at any time by donating the difference, and keep your former title as well! 

Payment may be made securely above through PayPal, or sent to King Roman, PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia.  

                               Residence: 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 08Google Webmaster10, Australia               

                         Mail: PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia              Email: 

                                                         Copyright © 2014 King Roman. All rights reserved 

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