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                                                           New Royal Sovereign Arms of the Kingdom of Europa                                                                                                                            (created by Staff Sergeant Joshua Vaillancourt)  

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His Majesty King Roman has been Grand Duke of (Greater) Lithuania in Exile since 1967, and King of Europa in Exile from 2005. However, a monarch without money is virtually powerless. In order to achieve his noble goals, King Roman needs someone with a lot of money to support him. Money is what makes the world go round. Terrible people, e.g. ISIS, command billions. There must be at least one good person out there with funds to assist His Imperial Majesty! Moreover, he currently has valuable paintings to offer art lovers: 1. An I. L. IENSEN worth over $100,000, and 2. A Claude Monet worth in excess of $10,000,000. (These were discovered in unchecked jumble around 20 years ago, and only recently recognized.) If you can help King Roman, please do it NOW while it is timely! 

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The Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which included Belarus and Ukraine, was in exile from around 1795when it was partitioned by Tzarina Catherine 2 (the Great) of Russia. The Kingdom of Europa, including this Grand Lithuania, has existed since 2005.

The Grand Dukes/Princes Gedroyc were thereafter recognized by letters patent, notably Vilnius 1811 and St Petersburg 1873. Copy  of the former is held by HRH Grand Duke Roman 2 in Darwin, Australia.

The princely Gedroyc lineage continued until 1943 when it passed to Lieutenant Roman Emiljan Dambski of Lubraniec (+ Gliwice 22 November 1967) who married the Lithuanian heiress Princess Paulina in 1937. 

In 1967 title passed to Ronald Victor Charles Mann, Roman's elder Scottish child, born Edinburgh 1942 of Katherine Mann (+ Torquay 2012).

When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, Lithuania became independent. 

In 1992, Prince Ronald visited his stepmother Paulina Gedroyc Dambska (+ Warsaw 1993), elder child of Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc (+ Zubracze 1943), and discovered evidence on the Dambski Tomb at Brama 4 in Warsaw of his heredity as Count of Lubraniec and Grand Duke/Prince of Lithuania. 

Letters patent dated 1993 were prepared by Alan, EarI of Dalvey, co-signed by Darwin lawyer Anthony Dean Buckland. 

Vilnius genealogist Sigita Gasparaviciene confirmed King Roman's princely Gedroyc lineage. It is noteworthy that Lubraniec Dambski married into other royal families, most notably Radziwill.

In April 1994, at the invitation of Chev. Jonas Stankus, Prince Ronald, now Grand Duke Roman 2, attended the inauguration of the Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility (LBKS) in Vilnius. 

Attending nobility (c. 400) demonstrated their desire for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to be restored, a desire that was countered by Communist influences from the recently fragmented Soviet Union.

In 2005, Grand Duke Roman 2 federated territories found by lawyer Anthony Buckland to legally accrue to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and created the Kingdom of Europa (in Exile). 

As a Monarchy in Exile, the Kingdom of Europa has recognized rights in International Law, mainly the right to act as if the monarchy continues to exist, including altering the constitution, raising an army, pursuing diplomacy, entering into treaties, issuing identity cards, and so on. 

King Roman's goal is to be constitutionally recognized as royal sovereign of constituent territories - Grand Duke/Prince of Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, and Latvia, and Prince of Moldova.

King Roman offered a constitutional amendment to the Lithuanian government in 2008, which was not acted on.  

Regardless of whether this happens sooner or later, the Kingdom of Europa in Exile is real. 

Anyone who would like to assist the Monarchy in Exile in its quest, or to help with His Imperial Majesty's special projects, is most welcome to enquire.

His Imperial Majesty King Roman I 

seeks, in return for reward or commission from him, to negotiate funding in order to: (1) restore and create Monarchies; (2) construct and test a radio-controlled small- scale model of  MOONSHIP PHOENIX and then the full-scale spacecraft; (3) produce a movie of his books The Last Symbol  and Moon Shock; and (4) help starving orphans and poor everwhere. 

King Roman believes in a healthy mind in a healthy body. He does not smoke or drink or do drugs (even medical) or use uncouth language. His IQ 136.

King Roman with mother Katherine, father Grand Duke Roman 1 1945, and sister Princess Christine (recent) 

First Admiral King Roman with wife Lady Fele, daughter Princess Edith, and granddaughter Princess Nikki 

New Princely Dambski Arms

The Royal Tomb at Brama 4 Warsaw 1992