Official website of the Europan Monarchy in exile 

The Europan Monarchy in exile has existed since 24 May 2005 when His Majesty King Roman crowned himself, according to past precedent, in Darwin Australia as the Imperial King of Europa. 

King Roman is the de jure legal Sovereign of both the Lithuanian and Europan Monarchies, which were joined as Europa in 2005. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania in exile belongs to the Kingdom of Europa in exile, with the Grand Duke as King.

In 2005, King Roman formed the Europan Monarchy in exile by federating the legally accrued Principality of Moldova and the Grand Duchy of Latvia with his inherited Grand Duchy of (Greater) Lithuania that included Belarus and Ukraine. 

The Capital of the Europan Monarchy in exile is Vilnius/Darwin, and the constituent countries of Europa currently have their own civil governments. 

King Roman is Sovereign of the Europan Monarchy in exile, and reigns from Darwin Australia.

      "If a person is a Sovereign, even without recognition from the country to which he is heir, he is entitled to recognition and to Sovereign Privileges and Sovereign Immunity."               (Prof. Stephen P Kerr, The Entitlement to Rule)

King Roman's monarchic goal is to be constitutionally/fully recognized as Monarch of the constituent territories - Grand Duke of Greater Lithuania (including Belarus and Ukraine), Grand Duke of Latvia (Courland and Livonia), and Prince of Moldova.

"The absent sovereign remains the de jure government of the country [even though they are never officially or even unofficially recognized]." (Oppenheimer, "Governments and Authorities in Exile," American Journal of International Law, p. 571) (Hersch Lauterpacht, C. J. Greenwood, International Law Reports, p. 559)

                                                                                                   The Truth about Today's Monarchy in Exile

"Sovereignty depends not upon external factors, but upon the person in whom such status resides. Such entitlement is independent of diplomatic lists, and exists of itself in the person of the Sovereign." (from The Entitlement to Rule)                                                                                                                                                                                  

Recognized Monarchs of today may not appreciate how extremely fortunate they are. They are born into wealth and splendour. They do not have to concern themselves with the difficulties of having to restore their Realm. They are handed everything on a platter. In fact, they ignore the poor monarch in exile. 

Recognized Monarchs tend not, if ever, to lend a helping hand to a fellow royal sovereign in exile, although the recognized Monarchs are often blessed with more than enough means to do so. It is convenient for them to forget how their ancestors obtained their wealth, from spoils of war and from sale of titles. 

The ancestors of today's Monarchs sold titles, for example King James 1 of England. They did so for serious amounts of money, for example today's equivalent of $150,000 for a Baronetcy from King James 1 ... and today's Monarchs have benefited. 

When King Henry 8 made himself Head of the Church in England, he sacked the monasteries and convents to fill his coffers with their wealth.


1251 Grand Duke Mindaugas becomes King of Lithuania and reigns until 1263                                                                                          

1341 GD Gediminas becomes King of Lithuania in 1341 and reigns until 1342 (Note that, contrary to  wikipedia and other opinion, it is not necessary to be crowned in order to be king or queen, as many instances attest, e.g. Queen Elizabeth was uncrowned from 1952-1953, but was still queen throughout)

1429 GD Vytautas becomes King of Lithuania and reigns until 1430 

1569 Greater Lithuania is federated with Poland in care of Prince Gedroyc

1975 Greater Lithuania is subsumed by Russia - patents continue for Princes Gedroyc,  LP 1811 Vilnius, LP 1873 St Petersburg, etc.

1942 King Roman is born in Edinburgh Scotland as Prince Ronald son of Prince Roman 1, Count of Lubraniec Dambski (B 1901 Boryslaw, +1967 Gliwice, in procession to Warsaw 1988) and Katherine Mann (B1913 Edinburgh, +2012 Torquay)

1943 Prince Roman 1 inherits Grand Duchy of Lithuania from Prince Wladislaw Gedroyc (B1862 Zubracze, +1943 Zubracze)

1945 King Roman's sister Christine is born from Prince Roman 1 and Katherine Mann

1967 King Roman inherits Greater Lithuania and becomes His Royal Highness Prince Roman 2, Grand Duke of Lithuania

1991 Baltic countries gain independence from the Soviet Union and go republican regardless of hereditary claims

1993 King Roman's patent is prepared by Alan, Earl of Dalvey

1994 King Roman is elected to the Senate of the new Royal Society of Lithuanian Nobility (LBKS) in Vilnius

2001 King Roman receives professional genealogical, historical and legal confirmation of his inheritance

2004 King Roman creates the Royal Lithuanian Order

2005 King Roman forms the Kingdom of Europa in exile from inherited and accrued titles and crowns himself in Darwin Australia 

"The deposed monarch is therefore entitled to full recognition by other sovereigns, and all nations and all people, adhering to the moral and ethical principles implicit in International Law." ("King and Constitution in International Law," The Augustan, vol. 18, no. 4, 1977, p. 126: see: /r28).                                               

The Goals of His Imperial Majesty King Roman I 

King Roman seeks, in return for reward to you, a gift from you in order to:                                                                                        

(1) restore and create Monarchy (any legal and other ideas to this end?);                                                                                                                                                       

(2) construct and test a radio-controlled small- scale model of  MOONSHIP PHOENIX and then the full-scale spacecraft (comments invited);               

(3) produce a movie of his books The Last Symbol  and Moon Shock (what do you think? Want to have a producer credit?); and   

(4) help starving orphans and poor everwhere (King Roman founded, was first president of, and helped orphanages and poor, and asylum seekers, through the Filipino Club Darwin over 23 years). 

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                                                                     King Roman with Lady Fele on a recent cruise to the South Pacific on the MS Noordam.                                                                To be followed by January 2016 birthday cruise for Lady Fele on Costa Victoria to Brunei and the Philippines

                                                              The Royal Tombstone of King Roman's father at Brama 4 Warsaw first seen by him in 1992,                                                                                                                                                         one year after Baltic states' independance. The tomb is headed                                                                                            Count of Lubraniec, and Grand Duke of Lithuania, and is near marker 299B (inset).