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Note that the principal language of Moldova Principality is Romanian 

His Majesty King Roman the First of Europa was Prince Ronald Victor Charles from birth in 1942 and became HRH Prince Roman, Grand Duke of Lithuania, in 1967, confirmed by the royal tomb at Brama IV, marker 299, in Warsaw; in letters patent 1993 prepared by Alan, Earl of Dalvey; and by a Lithuanian genealogist; and two historians. 

His royalty was enhanced by a Darwin lawyer's determination of accrual of many other royal titles. King Roman is a Monarch in Exile, reigning vicariously from Darwin, Australia. To all supporters and courtiers ... hello ... and thank you. See Royal Succession 

Following the legal determination, in May 2005 King Roman crowned himself, as others (like Napoleon, Emperor of France) have done before, as King of East Europe - since renamed Europa

He is also Count of Lubraniec in Poland, and he has resided in tropical Darwin, Australia with his Filipino wife since 1975. 

King Roman is usually referred to as His Majesty, yet he is rightly His Imperial Majesty, from which determination he is able to grant royal titles, including King and Queen, and may release some of his own royal titles, for a suitable donation in order to create new Kingdoms and treaties. See REAL Titles from REAL King.

Can you assist King Roman to restore the Monarchy?

King Roman was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, as (Prince) Ronald Victor Charles Mann in 1942. As well as his royal heredity, he is related through his mother to Sir Anthony van Dyck (Dijk), who was painter to British Kings James I and Charles I.

Following graduation in Science and Languages from Trinity Academy in 1960, he served in the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Customs & Excise, as a patrol officer in Papua New Guinea, (for which he was recently, and late, awarded the Australian national Police Overseas Service Medal TPNG), and he was OIC of the Department of Law in Rabaul and later Section OIC in Darwin.

King Roman served as a Secular Franciscan Order minister 1976-86, then resigned from Public Service. He served as a Church of the Reconciliation bishop 1986-96, then founded the Universal Family Ministry, in which he served as archbishop president until deincorporation in 2006. 

His Majesty has been praised in parliament, and awarded for his charitable and humanitarian activity, of which his charity Filipino Club Darwin, founded 1990, assisted orphans, poor, and asylum seekers for 23 years. Amongst others, he was made Knight Grand Cross of the Noble Order of Rizal in 2004, and he was a nominee for Australian of the Year 2009

In the late 1960s he became a regular on Melbourne Radio 3DB, singing and playing guitar on the Dick Cranbourne Country & Western Show, and later he was a Producer/ Presenter on Territory Radio (then Radio 8 TOP-FM) for six years He also appeared a number of times singing on ABC Radio Port Moresby and on GTV9 Melbourne.

King Roman is a writer (The Amazing Adventures of Professor John Hudson, two short encyclopedias, etc.), and an inventor (particularly of the revolutionary Moonship Phoenix, for which he seeks funding) with patents from the Queen and from Australia. He holds Doctorates in Philosophy, Naturopathy, and Divinity, a Coxswain Certificate and a Student Pilot Licence, Diplomas in Professional Herbal Medicine and in Legal Studies. He was first Group Leader of the Port Darwin Sea Scouts during the early 1980s.

His favourite book is James Barney's The Genesis Key. He particularly enjoys TV shows JAG, and Castle. His favourite movies include No Way Out, and Blame it on Rio. Favourite actresses Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. He debuted in the movie The Phantom (1996) starring Billy Zane and featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones; and appeared briefly in the TV series The New Adventures of) Flipper (1996) starring Jessica Alba. 

In retirement, at age 72 (2014), he enjoys cruises with his (retired teacher/nurse) Filipino wife (and writer) of 40 years, recently on the Oosterdam to the South Pacific in December 2014, Sapphire Princess 13 January to Indonesia, Carnival Spirit 18 February to the South Pacific, and Rhapsody of the Seas 17 April Sydney to Singapore. Latest Dawn Princess 26 May Sydney - Fremantle. He travels as an Ambassador for the Kingdom of Europa

                         HIM King Roman. Lord High Admiral, is shown here with Lady Fele, granddaughter                                                                                         Princess Nikki. and daughter Princess Edith

                                                Residence: 124 7 Progress Drive, Coconut Grove NT 0810, Australia                                                 Mail: PO Box 42331, Casuarina NT 0811, Australia              Email: hmkingroman@yahoo.com 

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Flag of the Kingdom of Europa 

                            Royal Coat of Arms                              (with & without motto)

Where King Roman's journey began in 1992: the Royal Tomb at Brama IV, Warsaw 

Count Lubraniec Arms (original 1094)

Prince Gedroyc Arms (from 13thC)

King Roman in the original Royal Lithuanian Nobility Society senate on 23 April 1994 

Royal Family of Lithuania from 1943